What's This All About?

So what is Never Grow Up all about? How did it start? Where did it come from?

Well, for starters, it's more than just t-shirts and stickers. Never Grow Up is an idea, a mantra, a promise that we make to ourselves. It's a promise that we won't grow stodgy and stale, that we won't take ourselves too seriously, and that we won't lose our sense of wonder, whimsy, and joy.

For years, I've been building stuff for the heck of it, like this bicycle-riding centaur costume or this enormous Viking ship.

Every time I would post a picture of a new project, I'd get tons of likes and comments and emails about it. People really seemed to enjoy these weird, whimsical, wild ideas. But more than that, they liked that I was actually making my ideas real.

See, because at some point most people stop doing this stuff. They stop chasing their crazy ideas. They stop acting on whims. They start asking questions about how practical something is, or how much money it will make, or what other people will think.

But that's silly. Life is too short to worry about that stuff.

So I started Never Grow Up to spread these ideas. I started it to let people know it's okay to chase your crazy ideas, have fun for the sake of having fun, and do stuff because it seems like a good idea at the time.

We make t-shirts and stickers and stuff that show the world we're not afraid to build ships out of cardboard or give our friends unnecessarily large trophies.

When you buy something from us, you're not just getting a buttery-soft tee or premium vinyl sticker. You're also helping us to pay for whatever crazy idea we think of next.